Tuesday, July 22, 2008

for the love of tote bags

so even though i have more than a month before my craft show, i'm freaking a bit about having enough stuff done. that anxiousness, i suppose, can be used for good and not necessarily evil ... if it forces me to get stuff done.

tonight's installment ...



strawberrie tote bag

i love having a tote bag to throw everything into and fling over my shoulder (i carry around a lot of stuff. you never know when you are gonna need ... a book to read ... emergency lipstick ... tissues ... nail clippers ... a notebook ... a journal ... a nintendo ds ...). i assume (especially with the whole "green" thing going on these days) that other people do to. so i am stitching my designs onto tote bags! many many more of these cuties to come!!!

back to work ...

Monday, July 21, 2008

and i'm back!

vacation was wonderful (oh so wonderful ...) ... but boy was it hard to get sewing again. lots of great ideas floating around my brain ... a craft show in my near future (!!!) but i just couldn't balance my day to get the sewing started. but i forced myself to sit down tonight ... and dave pushed me a bit to work too ... and i finished a cute little change purse!

cloudie change purse

i plan on making a tote bag to match!

getting (re)started was so hard! but i can see that i am slowly getting back on track. i am a little anxious about my craft show in september ... but it's an excited anxiousness!!! and ... because i am wacky ... as excited as i am to (hopefully!!!!) sell some of my stuff ... it will be so sad to part with it! that's why i am glad i started this blog to chronicle all the stuff i am making!

well ... enough jabbering ... must get back to work!