Sunday, September 20, 2009

good times.

what an amazing weekend!! :) we drove up to dave's friend w's home in happy valley, pa. i of course loved the farm country and the amish grocery store (!!! i bought this quilt wall hanging from a roadside stand!!!)

but the real fun was making this little guy while relaxing in the beautiful and amazing home of dave's good friend w while the boys caught up. i'd heard a lot about him over the last 18 months but had never met him. dave wanted to ask him to be in the wedding so i suggested a visit. it was about a 3.5 hour drive but it really wasn't too bad. we got there friday night and got back today around noon. w's home was AMAZING!!! and it was so nice to finally meet a good friend of dave's. he cooked us an wonderful dinner and we lots of chats and laughs. he has three kitties and one of them kept us entertained all weekend. AND, while dave and w caught up with each other, i sewed jackie o'terrapin as a thank you to our host! :)

spent the rest of today day resisting the call of the bed AND the couch (can i tell you how difficult that was???) and baked mom's birthday cake, cleaned, straightened and watched some football. we are heading over to mom's once dave is home from rehearsal to finish celebrating mom's birthday. busy busy weekend ... but SO refreshing!! :)

i still plan on reopening my etsy shop and posting a giveaway ... soon! :) this weekend got a little away from me. :) i was too busy having a good time!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

coming soon to a blog near you ...

so not only did my two week craft blitz put me behind in all things home (who knew cat hair could actually pile up after two weeks of ignoring the cleaning??) ... it also put me behind in my other crafting endevours. i am TOTALLY behind in my LBF quilt-along ... my etsy shop was only to be closed for the summer months ... and now it's september and it's still closed ...

SO! in the spirit of a Spring cleaning (but, you know, in Fall), i have bloggy and etsy plans for the next week or two! so watch for ...

* monday the 21st will be the GRAND REOPENING of my etsy store! and to celebrate that ...

* friday i will announce a GIVEAWAY for one of my sweet Ami creations!!!

excited? i am! :) let's get this party (and by party i mean my Fall plans, of course) started!!!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

well ... it wasn't SO bad ...

and so ... it rained yesterday. a lot. when we were first setting up, i had to send dave on a lint brush mission (HOW do i forget a lint brush?? i work in fabric and felt and yarn ... and have a CAT!?!?) the rain started to come down pretty hard and i had to call him to buy a tent. :( it made me mad because it effectively ate all my profits ... but i suppose it will be needed if i do this often. :/ we had a break mid-day but then it started up again around 2pm and we ended up packing it in at 3pm (an hour early).

dave was a very good partner and helper. thanks honey!!! :)
one half of the table ...

the other half of the table ... the apples ended up being the hit of the day!

all in all it was a good experience and i got lots of "oh this is SO cute!" :) and, of course, i SOLD some things too, so that keeps me going! :o) i think i will continue to try .. continue to put myself out there ... continue to work on new and cute things ... because i think i am on the right path. :)

now i am excited to clean my apartment, catch up on my LBF Quilt-a-long and finish up Maddy's quilt for Ann Marie. :) but tonight, tonight is rest with my honey on the couch and a football game on the tv. :)

ps - watch for the grand reopening of my etsy shop in the coming week!! there will be a give-away to celebrate!!! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

pray away the rain!

tomorrow is the big day. i think i am really ready and have a lot of cute things to sell!! today is the perfect stay-at-home rainy day to finish up a few projects, tag and lint brush everything and pack up the car. BUT. the weather reports are saying showers possibly in the morning. as in TOMORROW morning. as in the morning that i am to be setting up my craft table at ole suckasunny day!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

*sigh* i got rained out last year. i BETTER not get rained out this year. :(

pray for some sunshine, guys, ok? or, at least, no rain. ugh.