Sunday, December 27, 2009

merry merry!

a very merry christmas to you!! we had a fantabulous holiday with friends and family ... and our holiday will wrap up with a big new year's dinner on thursday with my family. but, as much as i adored this season (and i was really on top of things this year, so there was minimal scurrying around when things got crazy at work), i am thankful that things are winding down. today is my first day off in like 10 days (christmas doesn't count since we had 4 places to be that day!!). i slept slept slept ... and have spend minimal time off the couch. i am sewing ... but i am just enjoying spending lazy time with dave and mittens. :) i SO needed this!

and i am REALLY excited for 2010!!!!!! i mean, sure i am getting MARRIED and i am looking for a HOUSE with the boy i am crazy for ... but, people! i am going to get this craft thing off the GROUND! :) 2010 will be the year of crocheted critters and knitted accessories! :)

there will probably be a shop name change because dave did some investigating and there are actually quite a few lazy daisys out there ... spelled a variety of ways. i want something totally unique ... so that will most likely be happening soon. i also will be working hard at "branding" myself ... and i am looking to do a few BIG craft shows this year (renegade anyone????). i have SO many ideas and plans ... i actually stay awake at night, laying in bed and planning and thinking. :o) i am GOING TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

so stay tuned ......... :o)

happy holidays and all that my friends!!