Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my new home!

please follow me at!! i have my own website now ... so i will be blogging from there too! :) hope to see you soon!! :)


Sunday, April 25, 2010

i'm hanging here for a little while ... come visit ... :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

holy crap.

we are buying a house. and not just a house but a HOUSE. i mean look at this pic. does this look like something someone should be buying with a HELLO KITTY check? seriously, guys.

dave and i have just been stuck in this whirlwind the last few days ... between phone calls and appointments and visits to our realtor. we are discussing insane amounts of money. WE HAVE A CLOSING DATE. i'm just ... i don't know what i am just. i'm JUST just.

because of all of this ... i am more behind than usual in Life. my Renegade application is due friday ... and i have no pictures. and i am working tomorrow and friday i have to be in paramus for a meeting. i don't want to give up on this. maybe i will bring the amigurumis with me to work tomorrow and try to take some pictures on my break. i did the morris plains inventory last night and had a blast with some old friends ... but was USELESS today. got home a little after 4am, sleep around 5am, mom and i headed up to the house at 10:30am, lunch at 1pm, appointment with realtor at 2:30pm, napped till 5pm, doctor at 5:30pm, home by 6pm and napped till dave brought home dinner at 10pm. i am still zombie like. oh and its 12:30 and i have to go to work at 9am tomorrow. work till 6:30pm. darts at 7:30pm. thpthpthpthpthphthtphtpht. oh yeah and laundry? all. over. the. place. new rules in the new house? NO CLOTHES ON THE FLOOR. EVER!!!!!!!!!!

but, to backtrack a bit, inventory was fun last night! got to see some great people i MISS working with. had kait's amazing cupcakes!! and some sort of cheesy bean dip!! and half priced lattes!!! and pizza with PINEAPPLE on top!!!!!! it was fun. :) and i SURE DO miss those folks.

*sigh* so ... life has been ... crazy, right? crazy good ... but also just crazy. i am ridiculously excited ... but sometimes i just sit back and say, how is this my life?!??!?!?!? :o)

Friday, February 26, 2010


(not an actual picture of my outdoor world. it just plays one on tv.)

hello everyone. we are finally digging out of the epic snowstorm we've endured here in jersey for the last two days. we have over 2 feet of the white stuff out there ... thank God for a wonderful fiance who kindly dug out the cars!! :)

i spent thursday after work being lazy on the couch ... and then today, once the roads were clear, i ran some errands, got a necessary latte and crocheted. i realized my Renegade application needs to be submitted a week from today!!! EEEEPPPP! so i finished a amigurumi bunny ... as well as a few touch-ups on some completed amis ... a tail for the kitty, a scarf for the first teddy i made, and a pom pom for the mouse. up next is a panda. :) pictures coming this week!!

off to bed now .... good night!! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

finally surfacing from world sick.

hello internets. it's 2:30am on thursday morning and i am finally surfacing from near-death. i've been sick with bronchitis since late last week ... and tonight is the first time since then that i've been able to walk around my apartment without coughing up my lungs. i haven't read, i didn't crochet. i am REAL tired of soup. everything tastes likes straw. i've watched every episode of every law and order, csi, criminal minds, ncis. ever. seriously. my sleeping is totally messed up. i realized yesterday that this is the sickest i've ever been. weird. mittens just follows me from bed to couch, couch to bed.

don't get me wrong. being home is WONDERFUL. especially today during the snow storm we had (snowed ALL DAY! OVER a foot! who's helping me get my car out?!?) i just don't like being home with all the energy of a dead slug and no desire to craft. i mean seriously. home all week is a dream ... and i wanted to take time off this week anyway to work on my stuff for renegade. instead the only thing i've created is a permanent jessica-groove on my couch.

i didn't even have nurse dave to whine too! he's in california for business. he comes home friday night! :) i like alone time ... but, again, if i was going to be home on the couch for a week, at least he could have had the decency to be HOME!! hehe.

since i was planning on taking vacation days friday and saturday anyway, i think i'll use a sick day tomorrow. i do not want this coming back regularly. maybe i can actually get some crocheting done.

hmmm. what else. what else. in wedding news the save the dates have arrived. planning a menu. trying to plan a date to see a dj. moving along ...

well, i guess i should try and get some sleep. here's to a more productive tomorrow!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

cozy sundays.

happy sunday everyone! :)

we had a very productive and fun weekend!

dave and i began registering for our wedding which was a lot of fun. (i just have to remember to remove the case of pistachios and leopard print snuggie dave scanned in ...). we also looked at five houses today ... and, well, we learned that pictures online LIE. A LOT. we saw some real winners (being factious there!).

we also learned that each house tells a story. sometimes a tale of woe (seriously - a FIST PRINT in the fridge door?!?) and sometimes a tale from the 60s (matted shag anyone?).

we saw an absolutely georgous house ... but whose bedroom windows looked right over scenic Rt. 57 and whose property was absolutely sandwhiched between like 7 other houses. i wanted to investigate buying it and then like airlifting it elsewhere, but dave didn't think that was really realistic. (what? what does he know??). the last house was a definite possibility ... but we weren't INLOVE and we have a lot of other houses on our list to see.

and so ... we continue ...

in other news, i spent a lot of time making stuff and sketching out some new ideas. i tried out some different techniques and new projects ... and will be taking a few sneak peak pictures as soon as i finish up a couple more things!

i seem work better with a goal (DEADLINE) ... so i gave myself the goal of at the very least, a new shop update on february 1st. i would like to have my new brand up and running at that point but i am still waiting for adobe illustrator (dave ...) so that may have to wait a bit.

so ... february 1st will be a shop update ... and maybe that giveaway i always promise!!! stay tuned!!

i did finally upload the pictures of the ca-ute owl pillow i made for anita as a thank you for my amazing new sewing machine!!

i am INLOVE with my sewing machine guys! its a not-very-expensive brother ... but it's absolutely amazing! sews so smoothly! so much control! i can sew felt with it without it jamming and freaking out! i can sew fast and it doesn't sound like it's going to shake apart my dining room table! can you tell how excited i am about this machine???? its like i have something in my head and i start to sew and ... it looks like what was in my head!!!! ok ... i'll stop ...

(but i really really love it. thank you thank you thank you anita!!!!! oh and thank you bonnie for the power cord and pedal!!! XD )

anyway ... it was really a glorious weekend. :) so relaxing and so productive and so fun. :o) oh and the JETS WON ... so there was that too ... ;o)

onward .......

Monday, January 4, 2010

greetings! :) all the christmas stuff is down and packed away for another year. as much as i LOVE the season, it's always nice to put everything away and get back to normal. and it was nice to know that after all the work we did in the apartment today, i still have ONE MORE DAY OFF!!! :) makes relaxing all the more ... RELAXING! :)

i am THISCLOSE to a new shop name. i am excited but also sad about losing the laizydaisy name. i know for branding purposes and having my own shop/online identity is makes sense (i mean its weird to think, but there are other LAIZYDAISYs out there, spelled different and everything! makes things confusing for a shop and an identity!) ... but it's a little annoying. X_X

and i have so many ideas .... i don't know where to begin. so i am just picking up yarn and starting something. :)

i was excited today because i stopped at the Store to get a phone number ... and there was my new sewing machine waiting for me in the office!! i couldn't wait to get home and try it out! it looks amazing. BUT! there was no power cord or pedal in the box!! i will ask anita thursday if she has it ... and i emailed brother to see if they will sell me one. i was SO disapointed!!! but it kind of forces me to work on yarny things then for the next few days.

ah well.


Friday, January 1, 2010


the last moments of 2009 were spent with friends and family. the first morning of 2010 was spent snuggling with my honey. the first morning of 2010 was also spent getting a fancy new pair of glasses and indulging in a few sales (aeropostale and bath and body works) as well as a white mocha. the first afternoon of 2010 was spent at kyle and jen's watching the winter classic and then playing wii fit. the first evening of 2010 was spent in my cozy apartment with my honey and my kitty, on our comfy couch eating dinner, sipping wine and watching the sugar bowl.

so why am i so cranky?

pms should be illegal on the first day of a new year. :o(


happy 2010 everyone.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

merry merry!

a very merry christmas to you!! we had a fantabulous holiday with friends and family ... and our holiday will wrap up with a big new year's dinner on thursday with my family. but, as much as i adored this season (and i was really on top of things this year, so there was minimal scurrying around when things got crazy at work), i am thankful that things are winding down. today is my first day off in like 10 days (christmas doesn't count since we had 4 places to be that day!!). i slept slept slept ... and have spend minimal time off the couch. i am sewing ... but i am just enjoying spending lazy time with dave and mittens. :) i SO needed this!

and i am REALLY excited for 2010!!!!!! i mean, sure i am getting MARRIED and i am looking for a HOUSE with the boy i am crazy for ... but, people! i am going to get this craft thing off the GROUND! :) 2010 will be the year of crocheted critters and knitted accessories! :)

there will probably be a shop name change because dave did some investigating and there are actually quite a few lazy daisys out there ... spelled a variety of ways. i want something totally unique ... so that will most likely be happening soon. i also will be working hard at "branding" myself ... and i am looking to do a few BIG craft shows this year (renegade anyone????). i have SO many ideas and plans ... i actually stay awake at night, laying in bed and planning and thinking. :o) i am GOING TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

so stay tuned ......... :o)

happy holidays and all that my friends!!


Sunday, November 15, 2009


here are the pictures of the kitty cat i made this weekend. i am so happy with her!! she will be listed in the shop soon. :)