Monday, November 17, 2008

is it actually possible ...

to be so overwhelmed by ideas, impulses, projects and creative juices ... that your brain just goes ka-plooie and you can't do a single thing??? because if it is, i think that just happened to me.

work is going great and i have a real vision as to how i want my store to run. the time flies by and my shifts don't seem long enough ... which is odd for me because, even though i have always enjoyed working the bookstore, i always want to be HOME! :) that being said, however, i do want to be home because i have so many things i want to do here as far as cleaning and organizing ... as well as crafty things! i really want to work on developing more CUTE things since that seemed to elicit the most squeals at the craft show friday. i have some stuffed animal ideas ... as well as some other ideas ... as well as a scarf in mid-knit and a hat in mid-crochet ... and here i sit on the couch with a horrible headache and NO energy. :( and i am not even THINKING about the disaster that is my laundry in the bedroom ... and that nice cleaning chart i made myself that says today is kitchen day. X_X uugh.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

happy sunday

hi everyone. still riding the creative high from the show! :o) making new stuff and putting new items into Etsy. go have a look! :)

here is a preview ...

hope you are having a beautiful sunday!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

craft show report

hello everyone!
so i am back from my first craft show and it was a moderate success! :) i was hoping for a bigger venue and a larger crowd ... but i made a little money and got lots of great feedback (i wish i had counted how many times someone told me my items were "so cute"!) ... so i am taking it as a win!
here are some pictures from the night ... and the new items that didn't sell tonight will be up on etsy in a day or two.

me and dave at the table.

the new baby onesies that will be in etsy soon! so cute!

getting some work done at the show ... finished two tote bags!!

thanks to everyone for their support and love. especially dave for all his help! love you baby.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Franklin Elementary School Family Holiday Gift Shoppe!

Hi everyone! My craft show is Friday at the Franklin Elementary School from 5:30pm to 9:30pm. Franklin School is on 8 Meeker Street right off of Hillside Ave. in Succasunna. There is plenty for the kiddos as well as 40+ vendors, snacks, games and door prizes! Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

craft show in t-minus 3 days ...

and the anxiety is setting in! i have a lot of stuff done ... i think. but i am happy i have the next few days (minus work tomorrow) to work on everything. i am excited too ... because i think this has the opportunity to be good. it's a holiday shopping boutique for kids and their parents at a local school. the town is pretty big with a lot of schools ... so there should be a big turnout. and because i have stuff for kids and adults ... i think i could do quite well! so we shall see!

in other crafting news i am making a ton of new stuff! so, if i don't sell out of everything (hehehe ... gotta be optomistic!) i will be able to throw that stuff onto Etsy! so keep your eyes pealed!

ok ... enough goofing off online ... back to the sewing board ...