Saturday, February 28, 2009

creepin' on.

feeling slightly better ... but it's hard to tell when all you've done for 3 days is sleep.  but, i suppose if i am sleeping this much, i needed it, right?

went to work this morning just to open.  when the mid manager came in, everyone sent me home.  so home i went, nyquil i took, sleep i did.  i was a little tired because, apparently, when i am sick, i am not as sound a sleeper as i usually am ... and dave's snoring kept me up all night.  i would try to wake him up to have him roll over ... and he started babbling about spreadsheets and work-stuff and how "it's not going to work."  lol.  it's funny now ... but a little frustrating at the time.

i worked for a like a minute on a amigurumi project ... i am hoping to get a little more done tonight after dinner.  i have a few cute ideas ... i just have to EXECUTE them.  but hopefully with being so sedentary these last few days, i will feel better and be able to do something tomorrow.  i should be back in action (i hope!!!) by monday. :)

it's been kinda nice, tho, doing nothing.  observing, dreaming, tuning out totally when i feel too overwhelmed.  i feel a little ... revived.  a little ... more me again?  i think i let work so totally take me over that i loose myself ... my creativity ... i loose ME.  but i am feeling a little more together ... and that makes me feel better (despite the cold!).  maybe i needed this cold/hibernation after my total-stress-out earlier this week.

and now i sit on the couch ... watching any NCIS, Law and Order, or House i can find. :)  

Friday, February 27, 2009

sick and cranky.

i'm sick.  i'm tired.  i haven't showered.  i have a headache.  i haven't sewn in a week.  i haven't done a thing but sleep and watch tv the last few days.  my apartment is a MESS.  i think i am stuck on the couch.  and i want dave to come home with my COOKIES.  yeah life is thrilling these days.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

i made it.

i made it, blogger-world. i stressed myself out like you would not believe (or, if you know me, you WOULD believe!) over today's visit with the boss. and it went FINE. really FINE. i was practically giddy with relief when it was over. and i think i am doing an OK job. i still hate the pressure and stress and politics of running a corporatized retail business ... but i think i can relax a bit now ... and just keep on keepin' on! :) i came home and passed out for like 4 hours ... it was blissful, really. did a little bit of crochet while watching american idol, of course! but didn't work on anything of note. i was too tired to focus. i needed mindless after these last few days. :)

tomorrow i am off but am going to visit my grandfather ... then i have darts in the evening. i am kinda bummed that my BIG DAY OFF after my work visit is a bit filled with plans ...but at least the pressure is off for awhile. that is what i am MOST thankful for! :) and maybe, just maybe, i can get something accomplished tomorrow afternoon! :)

nighty night!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

so busy internet friends.  work is just taking up all my energy, all my time.  i have finally come to terms with it ... i am trying to remember that, should a house be in dave and my immediate future, this job will afford us so many wonderful things.  but, even though i have comes to terms with this … it’s still difficult having work and nothing else in my life at the moment.  :(   

it's almost 2am and i am crocheting ... just because i have to do something creative before i fall asleep.  
Lord, keep me strong.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

happy day after valentine's everyone! :) i hope everyone had a sweet day filled with love and chocolate! :) i had a great couple of days ... we decided to go out to dinner friday to avoid the crowds and pricey special menus ... and had a WONDERFUL yummy dinner!

then, yesterday, these georgous flowers arrived for me at work .... my favorite gerber daisies ...

then, once we both got home, dave gave me this AMAZING card. i can't believe he made this! he's going to put me out of business!!! lol. well, if marketing doesn't work out for you, honey, i'll hire ya! ;)
then we had this with fresh strawberries ... just cuz ...

then he made an AMAZING chicken and potatoes dinner that filled us both up to the gills! but i promised to clean up ... and there is still this to be dealt with ...

hehe ... so that is why i am sitting here avoiding the kitchen! haha.

it was a sweet and relaxing weekend ... and i loved every minute of it! thanks sweet pea! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

today's shop additions and some musings ...

my latest shop additions ... and some frustration musings ...

i love to create.  sew.  cut and design.  i do this for me because i enjoy it ... not because i am looking to make a buck.  BUT.  that being said.  i do like getting my stuff out there.  i would love to have a little shop and sell  my things and help support a family some day.  and, i know that the world is spending differently these days ... we have all felt the pinch.  but i just don't seem to sell much of anything.  i know i haven't been doing this for that long.  etsy shop has been open only a few months ... since the fall, i guess ... and i've only done one little local craft show.  but i don't know ... why keep going if nothing sells?  i mean, i'll never stop creating and making things ... and i always think a handmade gift is so much more special than something store-bought ... so i will always try and create things for friends and family.  but etsy?  craft shows?  am i like those singers on american idol who think THEY ARE the next american idol .... only to be laughed at by the judges and sent on their way with a "sorry sweetie this just isn't the thing for you?"  (thank you dave for making me the weirdo who is now comparing life to an american idol audition! ;) ♥)

so ... why internets why do i keep going?  how can i justify going to michaels or target to buy up supplies ... only to make things and have them sit in baskets or the closet getting mittens's fur all over them??  am i doing something wrong?  not being aggressive enough?  is there just no niche for my items?  do i have to pay for etsy features?  when you make items that are predominately under $10 ... how do you pay for any type of advertising and still make a little profit?  hmmm ... not so sure ........

warm ...

so so warm today in northern new jersey! :)  windows are open, breeze is blowing in ... is it possible that this weekend could be back to 10 degrees???  well, i'll enjoy it either way! 

i am working on some stuff today (LOVE LOVE LOVE days off!!!) and taking some pictures ... so keep your eyes peeled!  oh and as i said in my last post, if anyone has tips on taking some better photos, please let me know!!!

enjoy the weather wherever you are! :o)

Monday, February 9, 2009

hello bloggy friends.  i first wanted to thank the sweet people who commented on my last post! :)  thanks for all the encouragement! :)

i have some new completed items to put up in my shop ... but i have a question for all you etsy-ers.  how do you take your photos?  what tips can you share about taking good, artistic photos?  i seem to stuggle a lot in this area and see the quality photos on etsy ... any tricks of the trade would be appreciated by this newby etsy-er!!

have a nice day! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

bloggy blog bleh.

so i love blogs. they are like little windows into people's lives and souls. i could blog-hop for hours. i have certain ones i read everyday ... and get bummed when they haven't updated or their updates are short. following blogs are part of my daily routine now. i come home. i check my email and facebook. i check my blog roll for updates. i check facebook again. i sew. i check the blogs again. sad. lol.
but then there is my blog.
i don't know what to write. i can't imagine that anyone is really following this. i don't have much to say ... or at least i don't think that my life is that blog-worthy. i seem to be at a loss as far as being a bloggy writer. what do i write? do people really want to hear me talk about how i'd rather be sewing and creating than managing a bookstore and dealing with corporate bs? do i really write about how dave and i are sitting on the couch tonight underneath crocheted afghans watching hook off of netflix? how good our chicken dinner was and that i finally mastered cooking a baked potato (cooking is SO not a strong point in my life ...)? how i am totally in love with knitting looms and have made 5 hats in the last week? how i wish i could take a day off tomorrow or friday and sleep and sew ... how i long for days at home to hide ... snuggle with dave and mittens ... poke around on the internets and blog-hop? how sometimes i actually dream and plan ways to take a leave of absence/medical leave/quit/etc so i can just stay home? how bad i feel that i am thinking these things while there are so many people in our world right now who need a job so badly ... and here i am plotting to run away from mine so i can stay home in my cocoon and make hats?
huh. am i writing a blog post? :D i think i am! lol.