Tuesday, April 21, 2009

good times.

hello all! :)  things have been busy and good these last few days.  had a super fun weekend with my boy ... saw his new show, Neverending Story, on Saturday (really really AMAZING! :)
  and then we, along with Jeremy and Tommy, took a ride up to Mt. Airy.  we ate at a great place on deck overlooking the Shawnee Golf Course (and I had THE BEST dirty martini i have ever ingested with bleu cheese stuffed olives!!!) and then we went to play the slots at Mt. Airy.  i admit to getting a BIT peeved when Dave was up $300 and then gave it all back XD ... but aside from that little bump, we had a blast.  we spent the night at Jeremy's Amazing House and we were going to go to the Crossings for a little shoppng but ended up sleeping in and then getting breakfast and going home.  it was a nice weekend! :)

tonight i made chocolate dipped pretzels and think they came out good.  here are some pictures ... SOMEday i will take good photos ... X(

have i mentioned that i LOVE my chocolate melting pot???

dipped pretzels awaiting their decorations.


mittens wanted to play with the pretzels too! :)

pink chocolate ...

i tried sprinkles first.  the teeny hearts looked the best.

but the drizzles looked the best! :)  
i love them!  haha.  and managed to not eat too many! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

chocolate overload

hello all.  things are good here in the world of jessica.  easter was a lot of fun.  we had the whole family at my grandfather's house and we just had a blast.  and now we have WAY too much candy in the house. XD  i am doing SO poorly at eating well.  the bridesmaid dress on the bedroom door is taunting me each night.  i don't know WHAT to do.  bleh.  i need lock-jaw, i think.

work is good.  i went to west patterson last night to help out at their inventory and had a great time.  really cool staff and store.  and i really got a feel for a good, smooth inventory ... and, again, what H is looking for in a store.  i went to work today recharged and with a renewed perspective.  and i got a lot done.  looking forward to doing more tomorrow!  lol.  i am a geek!  :o)

haven't crocheted much since easter took over ... but i am looking forward to starting something new again tonight or tomorrow.

now i am in my favorite place (couch) watching tv (idol) and debating on sewing or just vegging.  and there MAY be a chocolate cadbury egg in my future.

Friday, April 3, 2009

well after yesterday's bumpy ride i feel i am slowly recovering me again. the past reared it's ugly head in a big way but i am dealing and burying it all over again. kinda weird and trippy when your past and present collide, you know? but the past is a past for a reason ... and it's over ... so lets move forward again and not dwell. still kinda reeling tho ... which makes me so mad. lord life is hard and strange. blows my mind when i think about how close we were and how a single action can burst that bubble so completely and totally. crazy to think about that life ... and how long ago it was. imagine a life lived so totally ... a future planned out so hopeful ... a friend and partner known so completely (or so i thought) ... and then having the proverbial rug pulled out from under you ... and being strangers from here on out? it's just ... so ... odd. and then you live ... you go forward ... you try to heal and cover up the scars the best you can ... and then, suddenly, the person that caused you so much pain and ended a certain life stands in front of you asking about your life? your family? people you knew together? commenting on the weather? how ... stranger and angering.
and so, i cried. and hid. and drowned those surfaced sorrows again. i was shocked at the pain and the ... strange normalcy. i thought i was done crying. dealing with the damaged insides. being mad and sad over someone who really, when you think about it all, didn't deserve any of me. and today i got on like i have been trying to do these last few years. and i looked over at the person sleeping next to me and was thankful all over again. weird how you can be thankful for pain. but, because of that pain, i am here. and i can't believe how lucky my life is for now. i worry about this same chain of event happening all over again ... but, really, all i can do is be thankful for the happiness and love i am surrounded in right now ... and know that, if it dies too ... i was loved for a little while.

i made her today ... and love how she came out. bad phone pic ... i know ... but i didn't have patience for the real camera at 2:30am. she is cute tho, isn't she? betty the berry i have christened her! :)

and now, onto another day ...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the last few days

things have been good here in the world of jessica.  for the past 2 days i was in meetings for work and they were actually very informative.  last years meetings i was so new and so in over my head, they just overwhelmed me.  this year, as overwhelmed as i can feel sometimes, these meetings really helped me put my focuses in perspective.  i really enjoyed them and enjoyed getting to better know the managers in my new district.  i had a real good time! :0)

(bad picture but the next finished ami guy! :)

now dave and i are enjoying a rainy evening at home.  food was ordered, books are being read, strawberries are being crocheted and episodes of 24 are being watched.  i am off tomorrow too ... so i am looking forward to that as well.  and i think i am actually looking forward to going to work on friday and working in my store. :)  yeah, how did that happen?!?  lol.