Tuesday, September 16, 2008

happy fall!

hello! my blog is undergoing some changes ... please bear with me! :o) you may visit 5 different times this week and the blog will look 5 different ways! lol. i'm working on stabilizing it!

i am currently putting some new items into my etsy shop ... as well as trying out different ways to get the best pictures of my items! i am also experimenting with some new ideas and felting techniques ... so expect some cool new items for the holidays! any suggestions, comments or custom orders you may have, please leave me a comment.
some new items i'm featuring on etsy ...

fall tote bag
fall tote bag (detail)

pumpkin tote bag
(makes a great halloween treat bag!)
pumpkin tote bag (detail)
pumpkin tote bag version 2

pumpkin tote bag version 2 (detail)

bluebird change purse

happy apple change purse

fall is in the air ... and it's time to dig out my fall decorations! this evening is so nice and cool ... it made me realize that it's mid-september already!!! in the retail world ... and with how busy i've been lately with work and plans and sewing, etc ... i realized that i wasn't really thinking about the approaching change in seasons. but now that i've realized it ... i can't wait to get "into" it! :o)

check back often here and on my etsy page for more cute stuff ... and please contact me with any questions, comments, suggestions or orders!

thanks and have a wonderful day!

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