Monday, January 4, 2010

greetings! :) all the christmas stuff is down and packed away for another year. as much as i LOVE the season, it's always nice to put everything away and get back to normal. and it was nice to know that after all the work we did in the apartment today, i still have ONE MORE DAY OFF!!! :) makes relaxing all the more ... RELAXING! :)

i am THISCLOSE to a new shop name. i am excited but also sad about losing the laizydaisy name. i know for branding purposes and having my own shop/online identity is makes sense (i mean its weird to think, but there are other LAIZYDAISYs out there, spelled different and everything! makes things confusing for a shop and an identity!) ... but it's a little annoying. X_X

and i have so many ideas .... i don't know where to begin. so i am just picking up yarn and starting something. :)

i was excited today because i stopped at the Store to get a phone number ... and there was my new sewing machine waiting for me in the office!! i couldn't wait to get home and try it out! it looks amazing. BUT! there was no power cord or pedal in the box!! i will ask anita thursday if she has it ... and i emailed brother to see if they will sell me one. i was SO disapointed!!! but it kind of forces me to work on yarny things then for the next few days.

ah well.


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