Tuesday, October 14, 2008

mini break

so i am officially minus an organ. no more appendix for me! it's very weird to think that i no longer have a certain part of my body!
i woke up saturday around 4am with a lot of pain in my midsection. thinking it felt an awful lot like the kidney stones i had last year, i drank lots of fluids and went to work as usual. by the time the closing manager came in i felt worse ... but continued to wonder if i was just using it as an exuse to go home. i kept thinking to myself, "is it really as bad as you think it is?" dave wanted to take me to the hosital instantly but i kept putting it off. "maybe a nap will make me feel better." "if it's kidney stones, they are just going to tell me to drink lots of fluids." the exuses were silly, i know, but i will do ANYTHING to not go to a doctor. by the time he came home from his show he thought i looked paler and i had to admit that the pain was pretty bad. so we piled into the car and off to the hospital we went.
blood tests, cat scans and a few hours later saw me in the operating room ... a place i have never been! i was doped up but still nervous. had a panic attack upon waking up (not fun when you don't know anyone there ...) but came out ok ... just minus a very infected apendix. had to stay in the hospital until yesterday afternoon ... and i am surprised by the amount of pain i've had. the first two days i couldn't do anything but lie in bed and be helped to the bathroom. i can feel the improvement each day ... but i am still sore ... walking slow ... it's hard to bend, sit, lay, laugh, cough. it's very odd. but ... i can't do anything until i am cleared by the doctor next monday ... so here i sit! it's a little frustrating. as much as i love being home and sleeping in ... i am not a really lazy person. i love being on the couch ... but i hate not being able to do something while i am there ... or not being able to jump up 12 times to get different things to work on. :( but ... it is what it is! :)
dave has been a wonderful caretaker. i am not used to having someone do everything for me! everyone has been great, actually. once again i feel very supported and loved. :o) oh and i also got these really great fall flowers from dave's parents today ... what a nice surprise!! :)

so i am planning on making the best of this time. catching up on my reading, my crafting and my video gaming! :o) this is like a nice, imposed vacation ... minus the pain, of course! stay tuned for lots of great things going up on etsy this week ... and whatever else my mind thinks up this week!

enjoy the day!

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