Monday, June 8, 2009


so why is it that i read other people's blogs and want to write a post of my own ... and then i get here and it's like i have never written a paragraph before in my life?  

let's see ... what is going on in my life.  

jen's bachelorette party was this past weekend and, aside from a rough rough saturday night after a few too many shots (bleh!), we had a great time.  the weather cleared up nice - almost two full days without rain!  that has to be some kind of new record! :P  i got a little
 sunburned but stacie, jen and i spent a lot of time on the beach and i read and dozed
 ... which is always a perfect way to spend some time.

this coming weekend is the big Stanley black-tie wedding.  i am looking forward to that a lot too. :)  can't wait to wear my gorgeous gown and be all dressed up with dave.  :o)

work is work.  annoying but handleable.  

trying to get back into bible reading and devotionals.  i really feel the need to work on my spiritual journey.  i just have the hardest time setting aside a consistent daily time ... and i have the hardest time not getting discouraged.  i am kind of at a loss and not sure what direction to go in.  i am just going to keep reading and searching ... and hoping.

added a few more critters to my ami army ... and started on a new one ...

trying to keep up with the chores ... be wise with any of my spending (it's good to have dave reign me in now and again!) ... reading a book or two a week ... eating relatively good and trying to figure out how to squeeze a little exercize into my schedule.

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