Friday, August 28, 2009

so busy ... so good! :o)

so busy these days ... but it's been all good things!! :) i am on week three of the LittleBitFunky quilt challenge brought to us by sweet Crystal. and here is a little preview of my progress ...

i still don't really believe i will have a quilt when all is said and done! but, i won't think such negative thoughts!! ;o) i am combatting my perfectionist qualities with this quilt. no templates? no pencil markings? no pining? ahhhhhhh! :) but i will perservere!!!

and speaking of quilts, i decided to make ann marie's twin girls fleece quilts for their 3rd birthday. a week before the actual party. and i've never made something like this before in my life. ever. i figured that HAD to be a sign of insanity. "hmmm ... i've never made a quilt before ... lets make TWO in a week!" i, of course, did not finish in time for their sunday birthday party ... but i showed ann marie my progress so she could see the goodies that are coming ... and i did finish Sydney's this week ...

since my sewing machine is pretty basic and i don't know how to do anything other than sew in a straight line, i had to stitch the binding by hand! hence, the length of time it is taking me to finish ... but, i'm getting there!

hmm ... let's see ... what else has been going on ...

we've been eating, sleeping and breathing football these days! dave and i went to a giants preseason game ...

and jets training camp ...

(dave watches ALL football like a coach. it's the cutest thing!)

and we are off to the giants and jets preseason game today after little anthony's birthday party. :o)
my craft show is QUICKLY approaching ... and i am starting to panic. do i have enough completed? is what i have good enough? i didn't complete NEARLY what i wanted to ... i am free and clear on sunday and i plan to spend the day sewing ... here's hoping i finish A LOT of stuff. OH! and miss crystal made me THIS for my table since i knew i wouldn't have time to make my own ...

isn't it the sweetest?!?! i can't wait to see it in person!!! :o) thanks crystal!
work is work ... it's fine ... but it SO does not fit in with my crafty lifestyle!! but i am working HARD at not letting that be a factor. i am trying to do SOMETHING each day ... wether it's sew a few strips together or put some stitches into a binding or cut some fabric. if i have to work at a job that sucks the very lifeforce from me (hehe) then i will spend my remaining hours crocheting!! :)
oh and we picked a wedding date and reception hall ... October 16th, 2010!!!! and we want to look at going to tuscany on our honeymoon! and we are pretty sure we know who our caterer will be! IT'S HAPPENING!!!!! eeeep! :o)
and ... that's all i got guys! off i go to get ready for birthday parties and football! have a sweet weekend!

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