Thursday, February 11, 2010

finally surfacing from world sick.

hello internets. it's 2:30am on thursday morning and i am finally surfacing from near-death. i've been sick with bronchitis since late last week ... and tonight is the first time since then that i've been able to walk around my apartment without coughing up my lungs. i haven't read, i didn't crochet. i am REAL tired of soup. everything tastes likes straw. i've watched every episode of every law and order, csi, criminal minds, ncis. ever. seriously. my sleeping is totally messed up. i realized yesterday that this is the sickest i've ever been. weird. mittens just follows me from bed to couch, couch to bed.

don't get me wrong. being home is WONDERFUL. especially today during the snow storm we had (snowed ALL DAY! OVER a foot! who's helping me get my car out?!?) i just don't like being home with all the energy of a dead slug and no desire to craft. i mean seriously. home all week is a dream ... and i wanted to take time off this week anyway to work on my stuff for renegade. instead the only thing i've created is a permanent jessica-groove on my couch.

i didn't even have nurse dave to whine too! he's in california for business. he comes home friday night! :) i like alone time ... but, again, if i was going to be home on the couch for a week, at least he could have had the decency to be HOME!! hehe.

since i was planning on taking vacation days friday and saturday anyway, i think i'll use a sick day tomorrow. i do not want this coming back regularly. maybe i can actually get some crocheting done.

hmmm. what else. what else. in wedding news the save the dates have arrived. planning a menu. trying to plan a date to see a dj. moving along ...

well, i guess i should try and get some sleep. here's to a more productive tomorrow!

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