Friday, February 26, 2010


(not an actual picture of my outdoor world. it just plays one on tv.)

hello everyone. we are finally digging out of the epic snowstorm we've endured here in jersey for the last two days. we have over 2 feet of the white stuff out there ... thank God for a wonderful fiance who kindly dug out the cars!! :)

i spent thursday after work being lazy on the couch ... and then today, once the roads were clear, i ran some errands, got a necessary latte and crocheted. i realized my Renegade application needs to be submitted a week from today!!! EEEEPPPP! so i finished a amigurumi bunny ... as well as a few touch-ups on some completed amis ... a tail for the kitty, a scarf for the first teddy i made, and a pom pom for the mouse. up next is a panda. :) pictures coming this week!!

off to bed now .... good night!! :)

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