Wednesday, June 18, 2008

and sew on ...


next in my growing collection of kawaii friends is burstly. once again, i was just really experiementing with face designs and expressions. when i cut the face out in a circle, i figured he had to be a sunshine!

cherry change purse

this was my first experiment with a change purse ... and sewing a zipper. the zipper was a little large for the small purse ... and it isn't sewn on very neatly at the edges. but i loved the little cherry guys ... this is so far one of my favorite creations! the perfectionist in me, however, decided i had to try again and get that zipper right ...


bun is another design from aranzi aranzo. i enlarged the pattern from the cute book. i glued on her face and then stitched them on for better durability. she is cute ... and very floppy!

starry change purse

my next attempt at a change purse. this one was slightly better than the cherry one ... but the zipper still isn't perfect. i stitched on the star and then jazzed up the black background with some stars and detail in satin embroidery floss. getting better ... but still not perfect!!!! X_X

brown kitty change purse

my third attempt at a change purse. each one is a teensy bit better than the one before it ... but i always see places to improve. this one was the biggest applique i had done thus far ... and it was better but still could use neatness. i experiemented with the face - gluing the mouth into a bigger smile ... and adding a little red color pencil to the mouth and cheeks. she may not be perfect but she is a cutie!!

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