Wednesday, June 18, 2008

my projects thus far ...

this was my first project. i wanted to make something for Dave to take with him on his business trip to Texas. i knew he was a little nervous about a presentation he had to give so i wanted to give him something to wish him luck and make him smile. i got the pattern and idea from a book called the cute book by aranzi aranzo. i named her "koun" because that is the japanese word for good luck!


moxley was made by me a few days after koun-ette. i got the idea from the freestyle monster article from craft magazine. i just cut and pasted randomly and at first i thought he would look too much like a pac-man monster. but he soon took on his own shape ... and has a head full of crazy white hair!


tea is a another random early creation. i was just cutting felt and sewing stream of consciousness-like. i was more concerned with stitching a cute face onto something in order to try out different designs. when i started to sew, she turned into a tea-cup.


bean is another random happening. again, i was more concerned with trying out face designs. when i started to sew her together i thought she looked like a seed. dave and i thought it would be cute to have flowers blooming out of her head. so, she does!


anyone who knows me knows i love stars ... and cute things! so i made a star template and tried out a new face design. i thought he looked cute with the folk art-style stitching ... and i tried out a bigger mouth made out of felt rather than embroidery floss. i was pretty happy with him ... and my growing collection of cute, kawaii-style things!

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