Wednesday, June 25, 2008

just a few

a couple of new designs ... crappy pictures but i will take better ones and repost tomorrow.

green mouse

tried out a mouse for a cat toy. didn't stuff it as full of catnip as it probably should have been ... but the idea is there ... and i will try it again. i also think i need better catnip (well, better than the kind you get a walmart) because mittens really isn't caring for it whether its in a toy or just sprinkled on the floor. and, unless she is the only cat on the planet that doesn't go retarded for catnip, i think the kind i got is crap. but, she is part dog, so she plays with anything she can get her paws on ... and she is playing with green mouse as i type this. so i suppose, all in all, green mouse is a success!!

apple purse

i am so excited by this item!! the applique came out too cute for words ... and i got a black denim messenger-style bag to put it on. stitching is good ... and i didn't have sew a zipper on! horray! the pictures don't really do the purse justice ... like i said, i'll post better pictures tomorrow.

and now back to sewing .......


David said...

Green mouse mouse.

daisy said...

thank you dear. you are most observant.