Sunday, December 7, 2008


it's been a tough week for a variety of reasons ... work stress, divorce hearing, anxiety and fear about life and relationships like i haven't had in a long time, a bit of a ... fight ... with dave ... but today was just filled with holiday sweetness. waking up to a dusting of snow on the ground, yummy breakfast at my favorite local place, dave and i then going to get our tree and then going home to set it up while christmas music (and then the football game!) played in the background. it was ... refreshing to be with someone who actually WANTED to help out with the tree ... it was fun and sweet to decorate the apartment with the rest of the holiday stuff ... it's so nice to be home in my cozy home while the wind whips around outside, a kitty on the couch next to me, a hockey game on the tv (go Rangers!!) and my tree lit up and completing the cozy holiday home! as soon as i finish this i will proceed to knit some christmas presents!!

so crystal at littlebitfunky took some pictures of what christmas is like at her house ... and requested her blog readers to do the same! so here are some pictures i took! :) hope you enjoy them!

the tree

some of my grandmother's christmas village houses the my grandfather gave me after my grammy passed away.

and that's my home! :)
have a wonderful week!

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Crystal said...

Hey can find the tissue cozy how to by clicking on the "how to" label on the label cloud on the lower left of my blog...that how to is a few posts down. :)