Tuesday, December 30, 2008


so apparently i have forgotten how to relax. my first DAY OFF with nowhere to go since november ... and i had a good day, don't get me wrong. but i spent the majority of my day crocheting a little amigurumi mouse and it's just not turning out the way i had hoped. i can't find the right eyes so i made some out of yarn ... and it's ok but not great. and i am struggling with the arms and legs cuz they are just so tiny and i feel so clumsy with my big stupid fingers. and of course, since it didn't turn out the way i wanted, i feel like i wasted my day off. and now it's 11pm and i am cranky cuz i feel like i wasted my day and i have to go to bed soon and go to work tomorrow ... *sigh* it's a vicious cycle. so now here i sit with a big mug of hot chocolate (cranky cuz i forgot to buy marshmallows!) and am trying to salvage the day. why can't i just be happy that i had a nice lazy day off with dave?!?! ugh!!
i think i will try it again with a bigger needle. i like the tiny size but i am just struggling so much with the small needle. *sigh*!!!!!!

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