Monday, December 1, 2008

holiday hiatus

it's been awhile since i've updated so i wanted to take some time to write. my traffic on etsy has slowed to next to nothing ... but i have been so busy with work that i haven't been able to create anything new. it's frustrating because i have a ton of ideas ... especially gift ideas for friends and family as well as things to list on etsy ... but i come home from my days at the bookstore beyond exhausted. i just don't have any time these days.

i am also in a little bit of hiding because of the emotional state i'm in. my divorce becomes official on wednesday and has sent me back onto the emotional rollercoaster. dave has been absolutely phenominal ... so patient, so kind, so loving...just like the bible verse! but my fears and emotions run away with themselves and scares me into thinking that maybe the love and life i seek don't exsist. i'm so tired of being mired in this ... and am really looking forward to closing this door of my life.

i am planning on continuing etsy and my craft business ... i have big plans for 2009! new products, new directions, new life!

i'll definately be peeking in now and then ... until then, however, please have a wonderful holiday season!

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