Saturday, February 28, 2009

creepin' on.

feeling slightly better ... but it's hard to tell when all you've done for 3 days is sleep.  but, i suppose if i am sleeping this much, i needed it, right?

went to work this morning just to open.  when the mid manager came in, everyone sent me home.  so home i went, nyquil i took, sleep i did.  i was a little tired because, apparently, when i am sick, i am not as sound a sleeper as i usually am ... and dave's snoring kept me up all night.  i would try to wake him up to have him roll over ... and he started babbling about spreadsheets and work-stuff and how "it's not going to work."  lol.  it's funny now ... but a little frustrating at the time.

i worked for a like a minute on a amigurumi project ... i am hoping to get a little more done tonight after dinner.  i have a few cute ideas ... i just have to EXECUTE them.  but hopefully with being so sedentary these last few days, i will feel better and be able to do something tomorrow.  i should be back in action (i hope!!!) by monday. :)

it's been kinda nice, tho, doing nothing.  observing, dreaming, tuning out totally when i feel too overwhelmed.  i feel a little ... revived.  a little ... more me again?  i think i let work so totally take me over that i loose myself ... my creativity ... i loose ME.  but i am feeling a little more together ... and that makes me feel better (despite the cold!).  maybe i needed this cold/hibernation after my total-stress-out earlier this week.

and now i sit on the couch ... watching any NCIS, Law and Order, or House i can find. :)  

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Meredith Crosby said...

HI, I just wanted to leave you a comment, I stumbled upon a post you made on a blog that said you lived in Budd Lake, and then went to your profile and it said you were 31 I decided to post....I now live in GA but I did live in Budd Lake (& surrounding areas ) for a while, and I am 31....I know ,may seem random, but, I just thought those were two things we had in common, I even worked for a while for Gus, at the Budd Lake Diner, oh my I was 18 then, ok, feel free to drop me a line, I love to craft/crochet/bead/sew and chat! lol ....u can e-mail me and maybe we can chat.
that is my e-mail (via my site)