Thursday, February 5, 2009

bloggy blog bleh.

so i love blogs. they are like little windows into people's lives and souls. i could blog-hop for hours. i have certain ones i read everyday ... and get bummed when they haven't updated or their updates are short. following blogs are part of my daily routine now. i come home. i check my email and facebook. i check my blog roll for updates. i check facebook again. i sew. i check the blogs again. sad. lol.
but then there is my blog.
i don't know what to write. i can't imagine that anyone is really following this. i don't have much to say ... or at least i don't think that my life is that blog-worthy. i seem to be at a loss as far as being a bloggy writer. what do i write? do people really want to hear me talk about how i'd rather be sewing and creating than managing a bookstore and dealing with corporate bs? do i really write about how dave and i are sitting on the couch tonight underneath crocheted afghans watching hook off of netflix? how good our chicken dinner was and that i finally mastered cooking a baked potato (cooking is SO not a strong point in my life ...)? how i am totally in love with knitting looms and have made 5 hats in the last week? how i wish i could take a day off tomorrow or friday and sleep and sew ... how i long for days at home to hide ... snuggle with dave and mittens ... poke around on the internets and blog-hop? how sometimes i actually dream and plan ways to take a leave of absence/medical leave/quit/etc so i can just stay home? how bad i feel that i am thinking these things while there are so many people in our world right now who need a job so badly ... and here i am plotting to run away from mine so i can stay home in my cocoon and make hats?
huh. am i writing a blog post? :D i think i am! lol.


Beth said...

i love your blog. no one reads mine either, but i really only do it for myself. it's an outlet, ya know?

ps i think we all kind of have 'boring' lives, so to speak! but, i 'heart' monotony, rountine, and security. i view it as an empty canvas to be able to be completely yourself. and, who doesn't love that?

Becky said...

I never know what to write either, but once I get started - it just flows and doesn't stop! I love to see the pictures of all the goodies you've made. You can never go wrong with craft pictures! : )

i love plum said...

you totally have fun things to say! i love reading blogs when the writer just talks about their every day normal life. i like hearing about chicken dinners and what you've done all day! love blogs that keep it real! keep it up! xoxo

Jenn said...

oooh I can relate! But I think it is a wonderful outlet. I always appreciate your visits to my blog so much. You are fabulously sweet and I hope one day you can stay in that cocoon and make hats forever:):) (I LOVE your cute!!!)