Thursday, February 26, 2009

i made it.

i made it, blogger-world. i stressed myself out like you would not believe (or, if you know me, you WOULD believe!) over today's visit with the boss. and it went FINE. really FINE. i was practically giddy with relief when it was over. and i think i am doing an OK job. i still hate the pressure and stress and politics of running a corporatized retail business ... but i think i can relax a bit now ... and just keep on keepin' on! :) i came home and passed out for like 4 hours ... it was blissful, really. did a little bit of crochet while watching american idol, of course! but didn't work on anything of note. i was too tired to focus. i needed mindless after these last few days. :)

tomorrow i am off but am going to visit my grandfather ... then i have darts in the evening. i am kinda bummed that my BIG DAY OFF after my work visit is a bit filled with plans ...but at least the pressure is off for awhile. that is what i am MOST thankful for! :) and maybe, just maybe, i can get something accomplished tomorrow afternoon! :)

nighty night!

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