Sunday, September 20, 2009

good times.

what an amazing weekend!! :) we drove up to dave's friend w's home in happy valley, pa. i of course loved the farm country and the amish grocery store (!!! i bought this quilt wall hanging from a roadside stand!!!)

but the real fun was making this little guy while relaxing in the beautiful and amazing home of dave's good friend w while the boys caught up. i'd heard a lot about him over the last 18 months but had never met him. dave wanted to ask him to be in the wedding so i suggested a visit. it was about a 3.5 hour drive but it really wasn't too bad. we got there friday night and got back today around noon. w's home was AMAZING!!! and it was so nice to finally meet a good friend of dave's. he cooked us an wonderful dinner and we lots of chats and laughs. he has three kitties and one of them kept us entertained all weekend. AND, while dave and w caught up with each other, i sewed jackie o'terrapin as a thank you to our host! :)

spent the rest of today day resisting the call of the bed AND the couch (can i tell you how difficult that was???) and baked mom's birthday cake, cleaned, straightened and watched some football. we are heading over to mom's once dave is home from rehearsal to finish celebrating mom's birthday. busy busy weekend ... but SO refreshing!! :)

i still plan on reopening my etsy shop and posting a giveaway ... soon! :) this weekend got a little away from me. :) i was too busy having a good time!!

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