Saturday, September 12, 2009

well ... it wasn't SO bad ...

and so ... it rained yesterday. a lot. when we were first setting up, i had to send dave on a lint brush mission (HOW do i forget a lint brush?? i work in fabric and felt and yarn ... and have a CAT!?!?) the rain started to come down pretty hard and i had to call him to buy a tent. :( it made me mad because it effectively ate all my profits ... but i suppose it will be needed if i do this often. :/ we had a break mid-day but then it started up again around 2pm and we ended up packing it in at 3pm (an hour early).

dave was a very good partner and helper. thanks honey!!! :)
one half of the table ...

the other half of the table ... the apples ended up being the hit of the day!

all in all it was a good experience and i got lots of "oh this is SO cute!" :) and, of course, i SOLD some things too, so that keeps me going! :o) i think i will continue to try .. continue to put myself out there ... continue to work on new and cute things ... because i think i am on the right path. :)

now i am excited to clean my apartment, catch up on my LBF Quilt-a-long and finish up Maddy's quilt for Ann Marie. :) but tonight, tonight is rest with my honey on the couch and a football game on the tv. :)

ps - watch for the grand reopening of my etsy shop in the coming week!! there will be a give-away to celebrate!!! :)

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i love plum said...

cute, cute stuff you've got there!!! congrats on reopening your store...i'll keep my eye out! xo