Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy 2009!

my second attempt at an amigurumi creation. not too bad, eh?

i hope everyone had a happy, enjoyable and safe new year's celebration! we went out to dinner with my family a la yearly tradition (great food! horrendous service!), then we visited the fredericks' (rocked the guitar hero!) and then had a drink with the Shakeys crew and rang in the new year (we don't need noise makers! ahhhhhhhhh!). i was tired and dave was ambivalent so we were home at about 12:30am. i'm so old! :) but i don't care! it was a wonderful night! :) it was so sweet ringing in the new year with someone who is as excited for 2009 as i am. :)

i have thought a lot about 2008 the last few nights ... kinda replaying the year in my head ... and, once again, it was a wild ride. but i think, for the first time in a few years, i came out on top in '08. i really want to wash my hands of the last few years and all the yuckiness that happened. i am in one piece. i have found myself (well, i am still finding myself but i am getting there!) and have found love ... but i also think that i have reached the point that, if dave and i didn't work out, i know in my heart and my head that i can be on my own. i am not as afraid of that as i once was. i have family, friends and God on my side. i can do anything with or without a significant other. :) and if a significant other is in my future ... well, then, that is just a bonus! :)

i don't like to call them resolutions ... but let's just say these are my 2009 plans ...
~ quit smoking for good.
~ i am just under 150 pounds at the moment. we have 3 weddings to go to starting in june (and one i am in in july!) so i would love to weigh about 20 pounds lighter by june.
~ i want to really work on creating more and getting a lot more things into the Etsy shop. i have a zillion different ideas of things i want to make ... i just don't want to be a lazy-bug and not get anything done cuz i don't want to get off the couch! ;o)
~ start a savings account FOR REAL! (this will happen after all my debts are paid by may. whoo hoo!)
~ i bought a daily bible and i want to read it EACH DAY! no excuses or exceptions!
~ curb my relationship and future worries and just enjoy each day with dave.
~ talk to God everyday ... even if it's just a thought in my journal, a passing thank you or a beg for forgiveness!
~ work at consistently keeping my home a little cleaner.

i'm sure there are a zillion other things i'm forgetting or could add ... but i think that is a pretty good start! :)

what are your plans for 2009?

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