Monday, January 26, 2009

here i am!

hello everyone! :)  i am here and i am being productive!  i went to work this morning for my monday meeting and i did NOT come home and crawl into bed! (this is a BIG acheivement my dear blog readers!!!)  i've listed my new journal covers, a new baby onesie and my ipod holder on my etsy as well as listing a whole heap of vintage strawberry shortcake toys.  check them out here!  here is a peak ...

i feel like i've accomplished SOMETHING.  it's 12:30 and i am off to clean the kitchen (woo-hoo, i know ... but because of the funk i've been in, the fact that i have energy to do this is a BIG deal! :).

have a great day guys!

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ducky said...

Such cute creations!