Friday, March 20, 2009

baking days rock my socks

a day of baking with friends and then dinner with the fam.  it was so much fun!!  hyun, kait and i got together at hyun's house and baked some kick-ass cupcakes!  from scratch!!  and then we decorated the heck out of them and they came out pretty cute!  kait has one of those awesome kitchen aid mixers in pink and, i wanted one before ... but now ... i think it's now a NEED.  especially since they come in some pretty amazing colors. :o)  kait also had the pastry-icing-bag-and-tips set ... and now i MUST have one of those too and master it.  you can do so many cute things with them!!! :)  i feel a new obsession brewing ... ;o)  hyun also made some yummy looking sour cream custard fruit pies ... that were tragically almost totally lost.  she made three and set them in the dining area to cool and set.  ming (one of her two adorable min-pins) decided to dine on one ... and then when she was trying to save the other two dropped one on the kitchen floor.  i felt so bad for her!!!  but it is kind of a funny story to tell after the fact. ;)  but anyway, we had an awesome time ... and i think more baking days are in our future! :)  taleen and dee from MP also stopped by and it was GREAT seeing some old faces from my MP days.  i miss that crew so much ... they are good people.

so we baked and chatted and i even crocheted 2 arms for my latest ami project.  someday i will finish one and post a pic ... i just haven't mastered the art of a cute face yet.  it seems so easy ... yet it continues to elude me.  i will get it tho ... i just need to spend more time practicing.

afterwards, i picked up dave and we went to ron's for dinner with mom, dad, kyle, jen and stacie (altho she was at another table with friends and tried REALLY hard to pretend we weren't there).  we had a great time as only Bisignani's can ... laughing until we cried.  i just LOVE family dinners like that and wish we could do it more.  :)  we have such a great time! :)

and now i am home, on the couch, and will start sewing after this post.  dave is playing his new puzzle quest ds game ... and avalon quest awaits me in the bedroom.  seems like a pretty cool game ... i just need to get the controls and stuff down.  

tomorrow is the theater benefit, sunday is NOTHING and then monday it's back to the real world. :(  i hate to think about that ... :(  i've had such a great time being off and visiting friends and hanging out with dave.  the real world just messes all this up!!! XD

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