Thursday, March 19, 2009

holy crap days off with Dave are fun! :)

today was just the best day!  dave couldn't take much time off this week, so we canceled our toronto trip idea and even scrapped the nyc and atlantic city plans.  i had to go to staten island this week for my "secret shopper" thingy so we decided to do that at least today.  since i am a dork, i actually enjoy going to other barnes and nobles to see how they are laid out and merchandised.  and since my store is small and without cafe or music, i also like getting a latte and wandering the aisles, shopping the gift department or listening to some cds.  and my beloved is a dork as well, so he was equally excited about spending time in a bookstore and our "secret mission".  he took to secret shopping like an actor to a stage.  he helped me out and reported back all the pertinent information like how clean the men's room was and who said what to whom in the music department.  he even offered to go in costume and wear a monocle.  this is why i love this boy! :)

so anyway, we went to staten island.  since we didn't go away, we spent the money we would have on a room on coffee, music and books instead (you would SWEAR we hadn't been in a bookstore in months! ;).  afterward, we stopped at carrabba's for a yummy appetizer, drinks and quite an involved conversation on work, titles and pay rates.  we came home to shakeys to just shoot for an hour ... but then dave messed with my grip and it was all over.  first i wanted to shoot so i could master the better grip ... then i started to get the hang of things and i couldn't stop.  i WANTED to beat him!!!  lol.  i didn't beat him but i did shoot pretty well.  let's hope this continues into tomorrow.

we FINALLY left shakeys (sans car again!) and came home to my mittens kitty, american idol, and ate our take-out lamb stew and corned beef on the couch. :)  now dave is reading his new Zombie Comics book, the life aquatic is on tv, and, once i am done with typing this i am going to do a little crocheting. :)  yay to days off and time spent with dave!!! :)

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