Sunday, March 29, 2009

weekends are awesome! :)

good weekend.  busy ... but very relaxing and fun.  dinner last night with the family and denise, harry and danny was a blast.  then home to watch 24 and crochet.  finished this little guy ... 

then started another one.  Froggie is going in an easter basket for stacie and the one i am working on now is for kyle.  i want to make lots and send them to people and give them as presents!  how fun is that?!

today stacie and i went to kelly's and made these adorable little cupcake candies ...

they were surprisingly easy!  we are going to make them for easter too!  mom loved them and wants to help.  i am sure with the three of us, hilarity will ensue.  :o)

then i cleaned the apartment.  it needed it so bad and i just HATE living in a dirty home.  i did almost everything except the bathroom floor ... but i will do that tomorrow while dave is at school.  and i will *TRY* so hard to keep up with the clean so that it doesn't get gross again.  *sigh*  it is shocking how much cat hair, dust and my hair ends up EVERYWHERE!!! ;o)

dave and i just finished applebees take-out and now we are watching law and order.  i am crocheting on the couch.  i LOVE home and being with him and vegging out!  hence, i suppose, the dirty apartment.  lol.

here's to a good week! 

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