Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the last few days

things have been good here in the world of jessica.  for the past 2 days i was in meetings for work and they were actually very informative.  last years meetings i was so new and so in over my head, they just overwhelmed me.  this year, as overwhelmed as i can feel sometimes, these meetings really helped me put my focuses in perspective.  i really enjoyed them and enjoyed getting to better know the managers in my new district.  i had a real good time! :0)

(bad picture but the next finished ami guy! :)

now dave and i are enjoying a rainy evening at home.  food was ordered, books are being read, strawberries are being crocheted and episodes of 24 are being watched.  i am off tomorrow too ... so i am looking forward to that as well.  and i think i am actually looking forward to going to work on friday and working in my store. :)  yeah, how did that happen?!?  lol.

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