Tuesday, April 21, 2009

good times.

hello all! :)  things have been busy and good these last few days.  had a super fun weekend with my boy ... saw his new show, Neverending Story, on Saturday (really really AMAZING! :)
  and then we, along with Jeremy and Tommy, took a ride up to Mt. Airy.  we ate at a great place on deck overlooking the Shawnee Golf Course (and I had THE BEST dirty martini i have ever ingested with bleu cheese stuffed olives!!!) and then we went to play the slots at Mt. Airy.  i admit to getting a BIT peeved when Dave was up $300 and then gave it all back XD ... but aside from that little bump, we had a blast.  we spent the night at Jeremy's Amazing House and we were going to go to the Crossings for a little shoppng but ended up sleeping in and then getting breakfast and going home.  it was a nice weekend! :)

tonight i made chocolate dipped pretzels and think they came out good.  here are some pictures ... SOMEday i will take good photos ... X(

have i mentioned that i LOVE my chocolate melting pot???

dipped pretzels awaiting their decorations.


mittens wanted to play with the pretzels too! :)

pink chocolate ...

i tried sprinkles first.  the teeny hearts looked the best.

but the drizzles looked the best! :)  
i love them!  haha.  and managed to not eat too many! :)

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B.jane said...

How funny...I stumbled across your blog from little bit funky and noticed you have a post on dippped pretzels too. Yum Yum
If you go to my blog and scroll down you should be able to see mine. I just loved making these.