Tuesday, April 14, 2009

chocolate overload

hello all.  things are good here in the world of jessica.  easter was a lot of fun.  we had the whole family at my grandfather's house and we just had a blast.  and now we have WAY too much candy in the house. XD  i am doing SO poorly at eating well.  the bridesmaid dress on the bedroom door is taunting me each night.  i don't know WHAT to do.  bleh.  i need lock-jaw, i think.

work is good.  i went to west patterson last night to help out at their inventory and had a great time.  really cool staff and store.  and i really got a feel for a good, smooth inventory ... and, again, what H is looking for in a store.  i went to work today recharged and with a renewed perspective.  and i got a lot done.  looking forward to doing more tomorrow!  lol.  i am a geek!  :o)

haven't crocheted much since easter took over ... but i am looking forward to starting something new again tonight or tomorrow.

now i am in my favorite place (couch) watching tv (idol) and debating on sewing or just vegging.  and there MAY be a chocolate cadbury egg in my future.

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