Saturday, January 10, 2009

getting ready for the snow

hello all! we are gearing up for a snowy weekend here in north jersey. they are predicting about 8 inches for our area starting saturday morning into sunday ... and i just couldn't be happier! :) we have had a lot more winter weather this season than we have had in a long time. i do have to open the bookstore tomorrow but snow will mean a quiet day ... and, as the manager, it goes against store manager code to wish for a slow day ... but i do have to admit ... snow days are the best! (shhh! don't tell my boss!!!) its quiet ... cozy ... and you get to putter around and do your work without all the interuptions or crazy retail stuff. it's pretty cool actually! now if my store had a cafe with starbucks white mochas ... well, then i would be in heaven!!! :o)
but, anyway! dave's play rehearsal got cancelled for tomorrow and we are both off on sunday ... so this means a snowy stay-at-home weekend for us!!! YAY! we have books and magazines and video games ... and i have my NEW PROJECT (bear with me ... i am working a little slowly at the moment.) that i am feverishly working on ... so hopefully i will have something to show ya'll by the end of the weekend!
dave and i have become SERIOUS homebodies these days. there is nothing we like better than to cook dinner or get some take out, plop ourselves down on the couch in front of a game (which translates into amazing FOOT RUBS for me!!!) or he will play video games while i sew ... with mittens the wonder kitty snuggled up between us or on out laps. we choose these nights over ANYTHING else offered up lately. :o) does that mean we are in a really good place ... or just getting old? hehe.
so anyway ... that's the plan for this weekend! are you getting snow this weekend? what are your plans? have a splendiferous weekend and stay tuned for a CUTE item by monday morn! :)

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