Monday, January 5, 2009

nothing witty or interesting comes to mind.

i feel a little more back in the swing of things. work will get back to *normal* insanity this week with kids back in school and people back to work. as i go through my cleaning schedule this week i will remove christmas from each room. sad but, at the same time, always kind of nice to get back to simple, neat and clean (no more pine needles!!!). i am slowly reconnecting with my friends and planning dates. i am trying very hard to get organized and stay organized. i am feeling ... good! :)
i am currently working on two projects that i am VERY very excited about. i am working on a mini art quilt to see how it turns out. if it turns out well, i will start working on the larger scale one i am planning as a gift for *someone*. i am also working on creating my own amigurumi patterns. i love the ones i am getting from books and online but if i am going to put something in my Etsy shop, it will totally created by me. so here goes!! :) stay tuned for pictures!!
hoping you have a nice day!

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i love plum said...

ooooo, can't wait to see your new designs...i'll be keeping an eye out! xo