Sunday, January 25, 2009

trying to get back into the swing of things.

ugh. so i've been sick the last few days. apartment is a mess. sewing but having difficulty getting anything up on here or on etsy. don't want to go to work. slept a lot in the last few days. just feeling yucky and behind and out of sorts. bleh.

i get so frustrated sometimes. i feel so lazy and lethargic a lot of the time. i could sleep (even when i am not sick) for 2 days without even realizing it. i could spend a lot of time on the couch. i'd being sewing or researching projects or wasting time on facebook ... but i'd still be sedentary. why am i like this? why don't i have energy? why don't i have any get up and go? i mean, once i am started and have downed my second cup of coffee i am ok ... but why do i always feel the call to hide at home, sleep in and do (almost) nothing?

i do think part of it ... or at least this guilt-factor stems from ... my family and upbringing. if i was not DOING (as in MOVING) it was not considered productive. the only reason my brother got away with it (enduring his share of ribbing, i know) is because he makes money doing it. i make a a few dollars here and there ... but it's not my living. therefore, it's lazy, lumpy jessica. so i know that i am probably harder on myself than many of the adult population. but still. i still feel less than energy-filled. oh and i think rather than loosing weight i am gaining. bleh bleh double bleh.

i do feel a little better today. i went to kim's going away party this afternoon and gave her the above towel and pot holder set. i think they came out pretty cute. :) i also got some of the strawberry shortcake toys up on etsy (go see my shop if you are interested in vintage toys!) and finished another journal cover. i have to get up early for a meeting at work and then go back in to close ... so i am hoping to NOT come home and fall back asleep. i can take pictures and list stuff after the meeting. or i will come home, get back into bed ... and sleep until i have to go in. i really don't want to do that. but sometimes it just happens. *sigh*

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Beth said...

don't worry, i've been like that too lately. alas, it has caught up with me though. with 6 people living in this house, you should see the laundry i'm dealing with tonight, ugh!