Tuesday, January 13, 2009


so i've been off for 3 days. and it's been blissful. nowhere to go. snuggling up on the couch with dave at night. putzing arounf the apartment during the day. staying up late and sleeping in. spending an entire afternoon on the couch finishing a book. lovely.
but my creative juices just were NOT flowing. at all. i have plenty of ideas in my head. lots of ideas of things i want to create. but i could not execute ANYTHING. at. all. nothing turning out the way i hoped ... if i even got somewhere on something. spent a lot of time poking around etsy ... which IS inspiring ... until you then start convincing yourself that everything you come up with is copying someone else's idea. UGH! :(
help me crafters! what do you do to get out from under crafters-block? and how do you know if you are copying someone else's idea ... or if your idea is a just a variation ... or if it's unique??

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